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What guidance can a Coach provide?

A Coach uses Deep Listening and Powerful Questions to structure a process that helps draw out the wisdom within the client.  The focus of coaching is to address tasks and performance so that the client's goals can be achieved.

How is Coaching different?



Uses listening & interpretation to lead a conversation in a specific direction.

Uses deep listening & powerful questions to guide a conversation.

Has a desired outcome to be reached.

Has no agenda or pre-determined outcome

Often focuses on helping move the group towards that desired outcome.

Uses the content of client responses to ask more questions & continue the conversation.



Is a subject matter expert in order to help develop the client.

Draws out the wisdom and insight from the client.

Is an expert who is called on for professional or technical advice or opinions.

Encourages the client to find answers from within, rather than providing answers from an outside source.



Informal association with a broad focus.

Formal structured association & process

Emphasizes both the professional and personal development of the individual.

Focuses on improvements in behavior and performance to resolve present work issues or handle specific aspects of the job.

Guides others in achieving goals.

Guides clients in setting and moving toward their own goals.



Works to achieve “well-ness”

Is not focused on symptoms or diagnosis.

Explores the underlying dynamics of individuals and their relationships.

Asks questions that address tasks and performances.

Uses questions but does not address tasks and performances.

Uses Questions and creates a process focused on increasing capacity and reaching self-selected goals.

Promotes self-understanding and self- acceptance

Helps the clients achieve success, however the client defines it.

*Information in this chart is adapted from Claire W. Bamberg, D.Min., LMFT, PCC. @Potentials Coaching and Consulting, LLC 2019


Coaching Fees

There is a fee schedule based on the level of training of the coach being hired.  Compensation for Together We Thrive Coaches-In-Training is $75 per hour and is paid to TWT.   Our Professional Level trained coaches charge $125 per hour.   Certified Professional Coaches set their own rates  based on experience and setting.  The suggested hourly rate for each coach (based on their level of training) will be provided at the time of the recommendation. 

"As a coach and a coachee, it is freeing to know I have this tool of companionship in the deep movements of life.  When I am challenged, I can reach out to my coach to work through those learning opportunities to productivity and movement.  When I coach someone, I get great joy out of seeing the personal growth, freedom and blessing that comes out on the other side of a coaching conversation."  

- Kirsten Nelson Roenfeldt


Coach Request Form

To request a coach for a congregation:  Request a Coach for my Congregation

To request a coach for an individual:  Request a Coach for a Pastor or Leader

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